Residence and village sector

The best possible plants are available suitable to the residence and village sectors, according to the specific technical and economic customer requirements.

STA offers a consistent flexibility to comply with small, medium and big-size companies with turnkey proposals, from feasibility studies to design and unit manufacturing and following management and service of the waste water treatment units and primary and process.

Offered services:

  • Preliminary and feasibility study
  • Process engineering
  • Designing
  • Turnkey construction
  • Refurnishing and/or widening of existing installations
  • Integration and replacement equipment and special compartments
  • Revamping and regulation updated
  • Installation technical supervision
  • Installation technical-analytical management
  • Cleaning
  • Environmental-friendly services and specialized consulting

STA offers a wide range of installations including the best possible solutions from a technical, operating and economic view point, from traditional and standard activated sludge cleaning systems up to the development of specific units and innovating treatment technologies:

  • Classic activated sludge treatment units
  • Membrane bioreactors including membrane filtration, MBR
  • Moving bed biofilm reactors, MBBR
  • Sequencing batch reactors, SBR
  • Chemical-physical units

As for the primary and process water treatment and clearing, STA offers different solutions in terms of filtration, desalination, sweetening, demineralization and reverse osmosis.

What is more STA offers a commissioning, testing and training package to the staff operating on the units.
24/7 availability for intervention, emergencies and services.

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