Servizio idrico integrato

Integrated water service sector

STA offers integrated water services to the public sector.

Installation design and construction
STA offers integrated solutions for the water treatment, profiting for the best in class technologies available on the market, thus complying with the real customer requirements, thus getting the best possible treatment results with the best quality-cost ratio.


  • Waste water treatment
  • Water clearing
  • Collection and distribution networks

As for the waste water treatment, STA offers a wide range of units, aiming at providing for the best possible solutions from a technical, operating and economic view point, starting from traditional and standard units up to the development of innovating technologies such as:

  • Classic activated sludge treatment units
  • Membrane bioreactors including membrane filtration, MBR
  • Moving bed biofilm reactors, MBBR
  • Sequencing batch reactors, SBR
  • Water clearing units
  • Primary water treatment units with reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration
  • Lamination tank and shuttlecock basins
  • Rain water and rainfall water treatment units

Technical-analytical support and service of any treatment unit

STA provides for services to the Public customers in the framework of the integrated water service management. It can provide for technical-analytical support to the urban waste treatment units, sewage networks and drinkable water distribution networks as well.
STA offers varied and customised solutions mainly aiming at what follows: provide customers for turnkey solutions perfectly matching the highest possible reliability with controlled costs, prompt action and accurate performances, relieving customers from any problems and issues, simply relying on experts.
STA provides for services to the Public customers in the framework of the integrated water service management as a qualified and reliable partner, offering technical-analytical support to the urban waste treatment units, sewage networks and drinkable water distribution networks, primary and process waters as well.
The available offered activities mainly are:

Management of urban and industrial waste treatment units, primary and rain water treatment units

  • Statistical surveys of the management units;
  • Installation operation controls;
  • Monitoring and adjustment of the unit operating cycle;
  • Optimization of the various treatment stages;
  • Assessment and analysis of the efficiency and benchmarking indicator
  • Ordinary and extraordinary service of any installation;
  • Verification of compliance with discharge limits and safety regulations;
  • Administration management and operating log filling;
  • Waste treatment and disposal;
  • Chemicals and consumer product supply;
  • Repair of any unit inside the duly equipped factory;
  • Waste disposal responsibilities;
  • Spare unit installation and/or alternative urgency treatment proposal;
  • Insurance on pollution damages;
  • Service to lifting stations, pumping stations, treatment plants, first responders and 24/7 availability.

Management of water cleaning plants and distribution networks

  • Plants connected to the drinkable water use within the food industry
  • Primary water production plants
  • Industrial water production plants
  • Conditioning product and disinfectant supply

Management of civil sewage systems

  • Monitoring of outlets from connected units
  • Non destructive controls with submersible camera
  • Refurbishing of the sewage network
  • Special water tankersers for washing and clearing.

Special waste removal

STA offers a full service, from assistance to consulting, to the collection, transportation included up to final liquid waste disposal, providing for suitable solutions to the different problems thus aiming at rationally and finally manage the many varied problems depending on waste disposal.

Services are offered to the Integrated water service management companies, waste disposal platform operator providers (landfills, sludge treatment, etc.), requiring the specific disposal of percolates and wastes from their plants, public administrations in general, farming companies, food and farming companies, industrial plants, commercial activities, car wash, condominiums and single real estates, providing for correct, slender and effective solutions while consecrating and concentrating energies and resources in compliance with the regulations in force.

STA operates two liquid non-dangerous waste platforms within their operating premises in Casalmaggiore (CR) and Belgioioso (PV), whose total treatment capacity accounts for 82,000 tons/year.

The use of its own water tankers as for the waste disposal by its landfill allows STA to provide for the best possible waste management to its customers while offering the best possible market competitivity. Through its wide service diversified offer, STA flexibly complies with any customer requirement, still providing for the perfect balance between the service cost effectiveness and the offered solution efficacy.

Civil and industrial purging

STA purging activities mainly stand out for the best offer of the correct waste management to its customers, thanks to the use of its own water tankerss as well as the waste disposal within our landfill. The company is therefore extremely competitive on the market.

  • Civil and industrial purging
  • Purging of septical tanks and wells, washing included
  • Disinfection, draining of sewage, storm drains and piping
  • Unblocking drain columns, siphons, pipes, etc ...
  • High pressure unit for specific washing
  • First responders
  • Waste transportation
  • Leaks finding
  • Network mapping
  • Video-inspection
  • Electromagnetic probe renting
  • Submersed piping mapping
  • Work supervision including polluting side reclaiming
  • Environmental procedure management

Analysis Lab

STA operates an equipped chemical lab, qualified to carry out analytical surveys on drinkable waters, civil and industrial waste waters, sludge from clearing plants and wastes.

Qualified operators and up-to-date technical equipment are available thus offering a prompt efficient service to the many problems as for an environmental-friendly processing and treatment management.

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