The Technical office STA, in collaboration with Culligan, one of the leading companies in the world, designs and manufactures treatment systems, chosen and dimensioned after a personalized study of customer needs.

STA is targeted, with its range of products, at an extremely diversified customer base, since in fact the resource "water" comes in every act of human life and for the most part of production activities.


Every industrial sector needs specific water:
process water (intended to optimize and standardize the characteristics of the product and to maintain the effectiveness of the machinery) and service water (for boilers, conditioning, health).
Among industrial sectors for which it is more important a specific conditioning of process water we can include the following sectors:

  • Food industry
  • Textile industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

A specific process water treatment in most industrial companies, does not represent a general improvement of production conditions, but a real "must" production: without suitable water the characteristics of many products may deviate from those you want and in many cases the quality of production is clearly unacceptable.


STA, thanks to a qualified team of engineers and technical staff of many years of experience, has developed in the water supply sector, advanced technology and filtration systems that allow consistent quality, flexibility, and savings in the costs of buying and conduction.
These systems using, for the different treatments, specific minerals or multilayer beds made from special mineral grain size and specific gravity selected to guarantee top performance in terms of quality and cycle.
The filtration systems to the service of aqueducts are able to treat the most different flow rates (from a few m3 / h aqueduct of an isolated community, to thousands of m3 / h of the big city) and water with the most diverse characteristics: turbidity, acidity, presence of organic substances, Iron, Manganese and Ammonia.
The filtering systems offered by STA in collaboration with Culligan can make crystal clear the muddy waters of a river, remineralize distilled water of a thermal power station, recycle for reuse industrial waste water, downstream of the biological treatment.

The support service is always ready to intervene to guarantee safety competence and effectiveness.
The technological evolution is very fast and only highly qualified technical staff and constantly updated can provide the user an adequate service, minimizing operating costs. A scheduled maintenance contract to be formulated taking into account the real needs of the customer, the plant’s nature and use to which it is intended.
STA offers varied and customized formulas with one fundamental objective: to provide the customer an all-inclusive service that combines maximum reliability with lower operating costs, the rapidity of intervention with the accuracy of performance, raising the user from tasks and problems that is more appropriate to entrust to specialists.