STA offers a wide range of prefab unit systems, built with a traditional concrete structure or with the latest best-in-class solutions available on the market in structure plastic material (PE, PRFV, etc) and steel.

They are pre-assembled by STA and supplied as turnkey solutions to the customer ready to be commissioned, thus providing for a consistent cost-effective unit at high quality standards, in compliance with sector regulations in force. Plants are designed according to the specific waste or treated water features and they are sized at to provide for distance and outlet in compliance with the acceptability limited imposed by the regulations in force. The main applications are forecast for the following sectors:

Rain water treatment

  • Treatment units Series S.MET 1p
    fitted with prefab systems, for 1.000 to 8.000 m2 surfaces
  • Treatment units Series S.MET 1p
    fitted with prefab unit systems, for 10.000 to 20.000 m2 surfaces

Continuous rain water treatment

  • Mineral oil and seattable solids Series S.SEP.PL
    fitted with lamellar packaging
  • Mineral oil and seattable solids Series S.SEP.K
    fitted with fine-coalescent filters

Rain water treatment from road surfaces

  • Rain water or rainfall water treatments
    Separation of setteable and suspended solids and hydrocarbons with prefab unit systems, through lamellar packing technology within accumulation-lamination vessel, spill-off systems, tertiary treatments, heavy metal lowering and final filtrations.

Waste water treatment

  • Car wash water treatment
  • Lifting stations
  • Classic activated sludge treatment plants
  • Integrated bioreactors MBR
  • Moving bed biofilm reactors MBBR
  • Sequencing batch reactors SBR

Primary and drinkable water treatment

  • Filtration and water treatment on skid
  • Primary water treatment on membranes

News and fairs

  • Il Sole 24 Ore, "STA: sarti della depurazione"

    Su Il Sole 24 Ore, nell'edizione di ieri, 18 novembre, un articolo per presentare un'importante iniziativa che STA riserva a tutte le aziende, nell'ambito del controllo degli scarichi industriali.Focus anche sul Processo UTN, sperimentato con successo da STA in collaborazione con l'Università di Trento.