The textile industry is among the most polluting in the world after that of oil, this due to the high demands for energy and quantities of water. The water used for washing raw materials and fabric collects dyes and other substances and, precisely for this reason, the treatment of wastewater is essential to safeguard the environment. 

In the textile sector, the waste products must be purified from grease, oil, colour and other chemical products and STAs; for this reason, STAcque.com offers a complete service to Large, Medium and Small Industry starting from the Preliminary Study up to the Design, Turnkey Construction and subsequent management and maintenance of plants for the purification of waste and primary and process water purification
Services offered by STAcque.com
  • preliminary study and feasibility
  • process engineering
  • design
  • turnkey construction
  • renovation and/or extensions of existing plants 
  • integration and replacement of special equipment and compartments
  • increased potential for processing, renewal and regulatory updates 
  • technical supervision of systems
  • technical-analytical management of systems
  • purges
  • environmental services and specialist advice
STAcque.com offers its customers a wide range of plant solutions with the aim of offering optimal solutions from a technical, operational and economic point of view, starting from active sludge purification plants, up to the development of specific systems and new purification technologies
  • Specific chemical-physical pre-treatment sections 
  • Active sludge treatment plants with a classic CAS scheme
  • Active sludge biological reactors with SBR batch cycle operation
  • Biological reactors integrated with membrane filtration compartments, MBR
  • Active sludge reactors with biomass attached on mobile media - MBBR and IFAS technology
  • Tertiary Multi-Matrix Filtration Treatments
  • Specific advanced oxidation treatment compartments
  • Tertiary treatments for reuse
Regarding the treatment and purification of primary and process water, STAcque.com offers several possibilities of systems for filtration, desalination, softening, demineralisation and reverse osmosis.

STAcque.com is also committed to providing a start-up service, testing and training instruction to the personnel who will operate the plant. STAcque.com also offers a 24/7 support service.