STA - Research & Development

June 21, 2021

Company Training for Productive Development and Customer Attention

Company Training for Productive Development and Customer Attention
"Staff training is a strategic tool, a fundamental step that allows all companies to achieve their goals, especially in a context where the market is constantly evolving and employees must be ready to manage customer needs, improving their specific skills.
Training means professional and personal growth and development, or improvement and specialization; it means growth of transversal skills to enrich the environment and work processes.

The training project therefore has a decisive role in implementing knowledge and skills and creating plans for the enhancement and development of talents
STA - Research & Development
STA has invested substantial resources, this year, in Staff Training, in order to guarantee its customers an always efficient and current service, in step with the most modern solutions and innovations, which ensure timeliness and quality of performances.

Throughout 2021, courses will be provided that will involve all Sectors and will deepen the areas:

• Techniques for purification, management and maintenance, sludge disposal
• Motor vehicles, lifts and the like, special licenses, shipbuilding
• Electrical and components
• Safety, Quality, PPE and AntiCovid
• HR management and enhancement
• Administration and accounting
• Marketing and comunication
"STA firmly believes that, in order to always be competitive and confirm itself as a leader in the sector, training is the key tool, since it offers tangible benefits both for customers and for the professional and personal growth of all employees."