STA for Bosnia

June 22, 2022

The trip to Bosnia lasted 6 days. Volunteers from the Mantuan association "Young people walking with Mary" left last Sunday with 4 vans loaded with basic necessities, heading for Medjugorje.
Among these was also a STA van, which wanted to participate to make a contribution, providing an additional vehicle, with which the group was able to transport the large amount of collected products.

Colleagues Luca and Nicola, together with the other volunteers, traveled 1600 km in a few days, also crossing wonderful landscapes, with the enthusiasm of those who make themselves available for others.
The mission made it possible to distribute aid to hospitals, Caritas and local refugee centers.

Heartfelt thanks to our colleagues and the Association, through Ms Antonella, for involving us in this mission of solidarity and giving us the opportunity to share such an important experience.
STA for Bosnia