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<strong>urban</strong> <strong>waste</strong> <strong>water</strong> <strong>treatment</strong>

urban waste water treatment
Tag directory > urban waste water treatment urban waste water treatment
Integrated <strong>water</strong> service sector

Integrated water service sector
Waste water treatment; Water clearing; Collection and distribution networks. ... It can provide for technical-analytical support to the urban waste treatment units, sewage networks and drinkable water distribution networks as well.
Car washes

Car washes
Sectors > Urban > Car washes Car washes In the car wash sector, it is important to treat waste waters as loaded with surfactants, mineral oils and seattable and suspended solids besides traces of metals depending on car washing cleaning and rising. Waste waters are treated and disposed through the public [...]
Technical-analytical management, <strong>water</strong> purification systems

Technical-analytical management, water purification systems
  Laboratory analysis STA has a fully equipped chemical analysis laboratory that can perform analytical determinations of drinking water, civil and industrial waste water, sludge from sewage treatment plants and waste. ...   Matrices: Urban and industrial waste [...]
Rain <strong>water</strong>

Rain water
Sectors > Urban > Rain water Rain water STA rain water treatment plants, Series S.MET 1p , are designed and manufactured according to the resolutions imposed by the different regional regulations, as well as by the national regulations in force (Legislative decree 152/2006) and provision by the Managers of [...]
Liquid <strong>waste</strong> disposal

Liquid waste disposal
Sectors > Urban > Liquid waste disposal Liquid waste disposal STA offers a full service, from assistance to consulting, to the collection, transportation included up to final liquid waste disposal, providing for suitable solutions to the different problems thus aiming at rationally and finally manage the many varied [...]
Residence and village sector

Residence and village sector
Sectors > Urban > Residence and village sector Residence and village sector The best possible plants are available suitable to the residence and village sectors, according to the specific technical and economic customer requirements. STA offers a consistent flexibility to comply with small, medium and big-size companies with turnkey proposals, from feasibility studies to [...]
Activated sludge plants

Activated sludge plants
The municipal waste waters can contain from 5 to 20 mg / l of total phosphorus, of which 1-5 mg / L are organic and the remainder is inorganic. ... Applications Domestic and urban wastewater treatment; Industrial waste water treatment: Agro-food industries; Paper industries; [...]
Who we are, <strong>Waste</strong> <strong>Water</strong> <strong>Treatment</strong> Company

Who we are, Waste Water Treatment Company
Company > Company > Who we are Who we are Based on the thirty years entrepreneurial and managerial experience in some of the most important companies operating in the water treatment and integrated water service sectors, STA shareholders and owners in January 2010 widened the company scope of consolidated activity, already operating for a [...]
Trentino Acque, <strong>Waste</strong> <strong>Water</strong> <strong>Treatment</strong> Company

Trentino Acque, Waste Water Treatment Company
TRENTINO ACQUE was founded in January 2017 on the basis of twenty years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience gained in some of the most important companies in the water treatment and integrated water service sector, of the founding members and owners. ... The company counts in its staff a qualified team of engineers and technicians [...]
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