When launching its purging activity in 2009, STA started to offer a series of public utility services in the environmental sector to citizens, housing complexes, public utilities, commercial and industrial companies as well.

The STA purging activity stands out for the provision of a correct waste management to its customers, through the use of its own water tankers as well as the disposal in its landfill. The company therefore is extremely competitive on the market.
STA, thanks to its long-lasting management experience and its consolidated technological know-how, offers its public and private customers a full and reliable services as to manage any environmental issue.
  • Civil and industrial purging;
  • Purging of septical tanks and wells, washing included;
  • Disinfection, draining of sewage, storm drains and piping;
  • Unblocking drain columns, siphons, pipes, etc ...;
  • High pressure unit for specific washing;
  • First responders;
  • Waste transportation;
  • Waste disposal at our purifier;
  • Pest control;
  • Leaks finding;
  • Network mapping;
  • Video-inspection;
  • Electromagnetic probe renting;
  • Submersed piping mapping.

Through its wide service diversified offer, STA flexibly complies with any customer requirement, still providing for the perfect balance between the service cost effectiveness and the offered solution efficacy.