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Meat and sausages

Meat and sausages
In the field meat and sausages it is important to purify waste water from drains from washing and cleaning of the premises of slaughter, laboratories, from the washing of equipment and machinery, washing of vehicles.
The waste water, although without specific toxic agents, have an organic content such as having to undergo a cleaning treatment to be discharged into Public Sewerage Water Surface or course, within the parameters laid down by Legislative Decree no. 152 of 2006.
Meat and sausages
With over 30 years of experience and research in this field STA according to various processes undertaken specifically Slaughterhouse-Salumificio-Ham, the type / amount of slaughtered animals and meat products, at more or less available space offers system solutions tailored to each specific need, works with various technologies and materials, underground or above ground that can resolve 360 ° the needs of Small, Medium and Large Industries of Slaughter and Meat Processing.
The Sector Design and Implementation of STA systems includes in its staff a qualified team of engineers and technicians with years of experience and expertise and is responsible for:
  • preliminary study and feasibility
  • engineerings Process
  • design
  • turnkey construction
  • restructuring and / or expansions of existing plants
  • integration and replacement equipment and special compartments
  • revamping and regulatory updates
The management sector of STA plant maintenance is able to provide its customers with a qualified global service and specialized, aimed at complying with environmental regulations and the optimization of operating costs.

STA intends to achieve customer satisfaction by pursuing the following objectives:
  • Guarantee the correct management of all phases of the service cycle;
  • Organization of an analytical service that allows you to make quality audits within the time prescribed by law;
  • Timeliness of response;
  • On-call service;
  • Compliance with technical and legal requirements;
  • Reliable performance;
  • Implementation of preventive measures provided by law for the safety of workers in the workplace;
  • Assurance of compliance with the limits imposed in relation to the discharged water qualityAssurance of compliance with the limits imposed in relation to the discharged water quality;
  • Adopting a contingency plan allowing for upgrades to the sewage minimizing the disruption and protecting the quality of water bodies;
  • Creation of a database for operational data.

Turnkey services and outsourcing

The management of wastewater treatment plants requires more and more skills and professionalism, which is why many companies and industrial groups feel the need to outsource the complete system of wastewater treatment resulting from production activities with the advantage of using their resources entirely to the performance of its corporate activities.
STA srl is proposed as a subject qualified and credited to manage in "outsourcing" the purification system of waste water of the production cycle.
The outsourced service is hiring all charges arising from the management of the sewage treatment such as, use of manpower on the system, technical and administrative management, specialized technical support, analysis, maintenance to the programmed electromechanical equipment, ordinary and extraordinary, sludge disposal, consumer chemical products, possible recourse to third parties for the provision of services, fulfilling paperwork, any electrical consumers.
STA is in possession of the necessary qualifications, skills, resources and technical knowledge to be able to occupy globally and exclusively the service as described above.
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