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Livestock sector

Livestock sector
In livestock sector, the farms have these requirements:
  • Reduction of nitrogen in zootechnical effluent (as required by the Nitrates Directive 91/676 EC)
    • to allow the correct spread on the land, in relation to the available surfaces.
      Due to the impact of the cost of sewage treatment, it is essential to identify economically sustainable solutions, through the study of a specific processing chain for the needs of each individual case.
  • Provide treatment of wastewater in order to reduce pollutant loads.
  • Use a water intended for rearing with certain quality characteristics.
Livestock sector
In livestock sector we offer the best engineering solutions based on technical and economic needs of the customer.
STA is able to serve with great flexibility the Big, Medium and Small Enterprise and offer a 360 ° service that goes from the Preliminary Study, to design, to the Turnkey construction and subsequent management and maintenance of the nitrogen removal plant and treatment and purification primary water and process.

Services offered

  • preliminary study and feasibility
  • engineerings process
  • design
  • turnkey construction
  • restructuring and / or expansions of existing plants
  • integration and replacement equipment and special compartments
  • revamping and regulatory updates
  • systems technical supervision
  • technical and analytical management systems
  • drains
  • environmental services and specialist advice
STA offers its customers a wide range of system solutions with the goal of providing optimal solutions from a technical, operational and economic and for the removal of 'Nitrogen designs and manufactures:
  • Nitrification plants - Biological Denitrification
  • Stripping of Ammonia Nitrogen plants
  • Composting Plants
With regard to the treatment and purification of primary water and process STA offers various system solutions for the filtration, desalination, water softening, demineralization and reverse osmosis.

STA addition to the construction of the plants provides a starter service, testing and training education to the staff that will follow the facility.
STA also offers an on-call service seven days out of 7 and 24 hours on 24 for any interventions, emergencies and maintenance.
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