Our service

STA provides integrated solutions in water treatment with innovative processes and technology developed according to environmental and normative standards. Our operating staff (About 130 operators) is composed by a qualified team of engineers and technical operators with a long-lasting experience in the field.

STA offers preliminary studies, design, construction, and management of water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. Planning, design and realization of water treatment plants for the production of drinking water and water for industrial and technological uses as well as the desalination of brackish and sea water. Installed on site or preassembled and mounted on self-supporting skids for transportation


STA’s technical staff designs, and manufactures treatment systems by selecting, and sizing them after a personalized study based on your necessities. Our range of products is addressed to very different customers, because “water” is involved in every act of human life, and many productive activities.

STA’s plants:
  • Filtration systems;
  • Softering;
  • Demineralization;
  • Desalination;
  • Reverse Osmosis;


The operations and maintenance departments of STA are able to provide its customers with a qualified global service, aimed at complying with environmental regulations and the optimization of operating costs.

A system that allows to operate, from remote, directly inside the network of the client, to test the functioning of the main equipments and eventually modify the software. This operation works through a secure VPN that allows a direct control over the industrial web in a secured way. The program of supervision can be displayed on the touch screen positioned on the electric board or on a PC. The electric board is designed for an internet connection through which the program can be viewed and supervised and enabled on any laptop or on supervision stations of STA.
The support service is always ready to intervene to guarantee safety competence and effectiveness. The technological evolution is very fast and only highly qualified technical staff and constantly updated can provide the user an adequate service, minimizing operating costs. A scheduled maintenance contract to be formulated taking into account the real needs of the customer, the plant’s nature and use to which it is intended. STA offers varied and customized formulas with one fundamental objective: to provide the customer an all-inclusive service that combines maximum reliability with lower operating costs, the rapidity of intervention with the accuracy of performance, raising the user from tasks and problems that is more appropriate to entrust to specialists.