Filtration and drinking water

Filter means removing from the water the turbidity, from the coarser to the colloidal, absorbing colors, flavors and odors, as well as dangerous inorganic and organic micro-pollutants, remove Iron, manganese, arsenic and other heavy metals, neutralize the acidity. These results are achieved with a proper filtration system, in some cases assisted by pre-oxidation processes and chemical conditioning. With the biological filtration you can remove ammonia for nitrification.

The filtration systems proposed, allow consistent quality, great flexibility, thanks to the modularity of the concept, considerable savings in purchasing costs and conduction. These systems using, for the different treatments, specific minerals or multilayer beds made from special mineral grain size and specific weight selected to guarantee top performance in terms of quality and cycle.The range of filtration systems is at the service of aqueducts with various courses - from a few cubic meters / hour of aqueduct of an isolated community, to the thousands of cubic meters / hour of the big city - and is able to deal waters with the most varied characteristics: turbidity, organic matter, the presence of iron, manganese, ammonia and acidity.

Main Applications

  • Municipality and Society of the Integrated Water Service Management;
  • Resorts;
  • Residential centers and individual users;
  • Agribusiness industries;
  • Industry textiles, electronics, chemical, etc...;
  • Poultry farms and livestock.
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