Detergo: The Other Cover dedicated to STA

July 23, 2021

STA Group, innovation for wastewater treatment

From the Detergo magazine, n. July/August 2021
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Gruppo STA, a leader in water treatment, designs and constructs water treatment plants: the business is characterized by its forty-year long, well- consolidated experience, the application of the most advanced available technology and the search for the best possible solution at a technical, operative and economical level; Technical, operative and analytical management: a consolidated, fundamental experience in the management and maintenance of systems makes of this company a reliable and safe partner. Thanks to their trained technical specialists and control systems, the Group guarantees problem solving, quality, timely response and 24H availability, in compliance with the wastewater standard regulations. Gruppo STA is a qualified partner for an outsourced management, outsourced services and any other issues; liquid waste disposal, discharge and environmental services: managed by two platforms for non-dangerous, liquid waste treatment.
The group has been constantly growing. In 2019, as a medium-small company, it was awarded for business achievements. The personnel include highly experienced engineers and technical specialists with specific competences: today, the group is composed of 160 professionals and the company has become one of the main players of the sector. It guarantees a well-spread presence all over the territory thanks to their numerous operative offices. “The group – explains the President, Giuliano Fontanesi – is continuously developing.We have been focused on a structural growth based on the application of the best treatment technologies and on the process optimization, which reflects our well-consolidated experience in the field, and our R&D area that is formed by a team of engineers, technicians and specialists”.
Detergo: The Other Cover dedicated to STA

STA stands for the innovation of services

Strongly engaged in a constant research as an opportunity for growth and improvement, STA also develops and manages, on request, specific analytical campaigns aiming at the definition of wastewater characteristics, the identification of incoming flows, the dimension parameters and the efficiency of the treatment process. What is more, the company provides pilot systems used to test the effectiveness of treatments through the execution of field tests for pre-established monitoring periods.
We are aware of the fact that wastewater produced by industrial laundries is characterized by a high content of surfactants that condition the quality of the wastewater. Moreover, we can say that there are no valid universal systems for wastewater treatment even if, in many cases, the biological treatment turns out to be the best solution in terms of performance, efficiency and the running costs. The STA method allows to test the treatment process starting from the pre-treatment stages; in case of chemical-physical pre- treatment such as coagulation or flocculation, the procedure involves the jar test and the internal lab analysis on raw and clarified wastewater useful to identify the most effective combinations and dosage. Moreover, the biology department is designed thanks to the tests results that allow to correctly set the work cycles and define the necessity of dosing the nutrients or chemical products. At the end of the monitoring stage, the observed removal efficiency determines the wastewater treatment settings so that it is possible to reach the expected objectives.

What is the advantage for companies?

Clients that rely on STA can count on customized consultancy service and on tested solutions that have been developed ad hoc according to the data verified beforehand. In terms of resources, clients will be ensured about the actual, correct functioning of the treatment system which translates to guaranteeing the waste limits, the reduction of the overall costs generated by the management of wastewater, and the possibility to engage all the recourses in the business activity. In brief, STA is a synonim of reliability and the productive and economical optimization.

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