Civil and industrial purge

Civil and industrial purge
With the beginning of the purge activity, which began in 2009, STA wanted to offer additional utilities environmental to the citizens, housing complexes, public complexes, commercial and industrial activities in general.

A characteristic element that distinguishes our purge activities, is the ability to guarantee the customer the proper management of waste, thanks to the service with the help of tank truck independently associated with the disposal of the material in our system. This capability ensures our company the highest competitiveness in the market.
STA, with a long management experience and a consolidated technological know-how, can provide to all its customers, public and private, a complete and reliable service for the management of environmental issues.
  • Civil and industrial purge
  • Drain cesspools and wells with washing
  • Drain sewers, manholes, ducts
  • Unblocking drain columns, siphons, pipes, etc ...
  • High pressure group for specific washes
  • First aid
  • Waste transport
  • Waste disposal at our purifier
  • Pest control
  • Leak detection
  • Network mapping
  • Video inspection
  • Freight electromagnetic probe
  • Mapping underground pipes
The company, thanks to the diversification of its services, is able to be flexible and in tune with the most varied customer needs, keeping always in perfect balance the economy and efficiency of the solutions offered.
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