Design and construction of Water Treatment Plants

Waste water treatment plants

Legal obligations, stringent regulations and necessity of cost optimization require the research of a dynamic partner with competence, and professionalism. Thanks to its excellent scientific and technological know-how, STA has become a point of reference in purification, drinkable water, treatment, and recycling of civil and industrial water.

STA provides integrated solutions for water treatment, using the most modern technologies depending on your real necessities, ensuring the achievement of water purification at the lowest cost.
STA can rely on a qualified team of engineers and technical staff with years of experience in the development and management of orders, having the means, equipment and expertise.

STA offers the preliminary study, design, construction, and management or urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, drinking, primary, and process water treatment plants.


  • Preliminary, and feasibility studies;
  • Process engineering;
  • Design;
  • Turnkey construction;
  • Renovation and/or expansion of existing plants;
  • Supply of integration, and replacement equipment, and special compartments;
  • Revamping, and regulatory upgrades.